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Ammonite + Saoirse Ronan conversation

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Included with your rental of Ammonite is a free bonus rental of In Conversation With… Saoirse Ronan — an exclusive 50-minute interview from Festival 2020. Scroll down to watch.

Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan star in this raw love story between a solitary paleontologist and a wealthy, grieving wife in 19th-century Dorset.

“This is the work of a mature filmmaker in full command of his voice, yielding remarkable performances, chief among them a complex character study of stoicism and desire from Kate Winslet that might be the best work of her career.” –David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

Content advisory: sexually suggestive scenes

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In Conversation With... Saoirse Ronan
50m In Conversation With... 2020