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ICFF at Home Bundle

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The ICFF has grown to become one of the largest Italian film festivals outside of Italy. The ICFF is an inspiring showcase of the greatest, most recent Italian and international cinema. You can rent the full bundle of films now and all films will be available to watch from June 30th to July 10th.

Content included in this bundle

Il primo giorno della mia vita
2h 1m ICFF 2023
La seconda Via
1h 30m ICFF 2023
La Stranezza
1h 43m ICFF 2022
2h 2m ICFF 2021
ICFF Shorts Program 2023
2h 20m ICFF 2023
1h 45m ICFF 2022
The Journey: A Music Special from Andrea Bocelli
1h 36m ICFF 2023
Le voci sole
1h 20m ICFF 2022
Tramite Amicizia
1h 40m ICFF 2022
Tre di troppo
1h 30m ICFF 2022

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