A Lonely City (2020)

  • Goethe
  • 1h 30m
  • Germany

This film has been programmed by the Goethe-Institut Toronto. For more information, visit: goethe.de/canada/germanfilm

A Lonely City (Germany, 2020, 90 min), documentary by Nicola Graef

Loneliness has many faces in Berlin. Young and old are afflicted by it, men, women, single and married people. We have all been there, wherever we find ourselves in big global cities. Director Graef lets the lonely urban inhabitants speak, and listens. 85 year-old Efraim, a photographer and flaneur, has found a confident way to deal with those nagging feelings. Artist Thomas suffers from the end of a long-term love affair. From the corner pub to the artist’s studio, from parks to sports clubs and, time and again, into silent apartments – the filmmaker encounters witnesses to emptiness everywhere. Their reports are moving, but they never make us feel hopeless.

North American premiere!

Bonus material: filmmaker introduction & expert commentary by urbanism professor Ahmed Allahwala. Part of the series Loneliness In the City, which includes The Mover (Atlas) and Neubau


Nicola Graef