A Tale of Autumn [New Restoration] (1998)

  • Drama, Romance
  • 1h 52m
  • France

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New restoration!

Bonus Content: Rental includes an exclusive conversation with Call Me By Your Name author André Aciman about the influence of Eric Rohmer. Scroll down to watch.

A middle-aged widow running a vineyard in the south of France becomes the focus of competing matchmakers, in this splendid late vintage Rohmer.

A splendid late vintage Rohmer, A Tale of Autumn racked up rave reviews and became one of the director’s most successful films at the box office. Reuniting two of his favourite actresses, Béatrice Romand and Marie Rivière, and returning to one of his cardinal themes — misguided matchmaking — Rohmer sets his autumnal tale in a lovely vineyard in the south of France owned by middle-aged widow Magali (Romand), who loves her solitude but has begun to long for a man in her life. Enter her best (and happily married) friend Isabelle (Rivière), who takes it upon herself to place a personal ad to find Magali a mate, unaware that another busybody has also taken up the task of prospecting men for the wine-making widow. The delectable romantic confusion culminates in a Mozartean wedding party. “A rich, emotionally satisfying experience. As the five main characters reveal their fantasies and fears, each emerges as an astoundingly complex and fully rounded human being” (The New York Times).



Eric Rohmer



Bonus Content

3 mins
Interview: André Aciman on Éric Rohmer

Call Me by Your Name author André Aciman remembers the “life-changing” experience of seeing Éric Rohmer’s films for the first time.