Better Days (2019)

  • Drama
  • 2h 15m
  • China

Price: $3.99 + taxes and fees

“A gripping melodrama” –Richard Yu, Cinema Escapist

Chinese screen idols Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee star in this blockbuster about a pair of star-crossed lovers: a brutally bullied high-school student and her unlikely protector, a teenage street thug in need of redemption.

As Nian (Zhou) prepares for her college entrance exam, she is targeted by her peers at school. Fate brings her together with small-time criminal Bei (Yee), but before they can retreat into a world of their own, they are dragged into a murder investigation that will change their lives forever. In this romantic thriller, Derek Kwok-Cheung Tsang exposees the oppressive societal demands imposed on today’s youth.

Nominee, 2021 Academy Awards: International Feature Film

Content advisories: suicide, bullying, violence, coarse language


Derek Tsang


Mandarin, English