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Films, Talks & Events, Drama 1h 21m 2020 Canada

Devery Jacobs stars as a grad student who returns to her Algonquin reserve, in Caroline Monnet’s ode to resilience in marginalized communities.

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In the latest feature from award-winning filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist Caroline Monnet, Mani (Devery Jacobs), a master’s student, returns to the reserve in northern Quebec where she grew up. Her painful past resurfaces. Resolved to reintegrate into the community, she gets involved in the debate around a referendum on allowing the free sale of alcohol on the reserve. Laura (Pascale Bussières), a bootlegger, pockets the profits she makes there under the protection of the band council and her partner Raymond (Jacques Newashish). The latter is still angry with Mani, whom he holds responsible for the death of his daughter in a fire. Two radically opposed women divide the community into two sides who face each other to determine the best path to independence.

Bootlegger is a social drama, but it is also an ode to the vitality and resilience of the Algonquin people. This story is common to any poor and marginalized communities. The topics in Bootlegger are thus universal and serve as springboards to explore the fear of losing control, the hope of a better world for future generations, and the quest for identity” (Caroline Monnet).

Content advisory: coarse language, drug use, mature themes


Caroline Monnet


French, Anishinabemowin


Français, English

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