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My Little Sister

Drama 1h 39m 2020 Switzerland

Price: $9.99 + taxes and fees

A playwright puts her life on hold to support her brother when he falls gravely ill, in this moving drama from Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond.

“Chuat and Reymond’s direction is delicate and unobtrusive, in tune with their calmly deep-digging actors.” –Guy Lodge, Variety

Lisa (Nina Hoss) is a brilliant playwright who no longer writes. She lives in Switzerland with her husband and children, but her heart — and, it seems, her creative spirit — remains in Berlin with her twin brother, Sven (Lars Eidinger). The ties between the two grow stronger when Sven, a famous stage actor, is diagnosed with an aggressive type of leukemia. Lisa refuses to accept his prognosis and does all she can to ensure he keeps acting, knowing his work is the key to helping him fight his illness. When Sven’s condition worsens, Lisa brings him to Switzerland to stay with her and her family — neglecting everything else in her own life, including her marriage. The second feature film from filmmaking duo Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond, and Switzerland’s official submission to the 2021 Academy Awards for Best International Feature, My Little Sister reflects on the inimitable power of art and how deeply it can be connected to both places and people.

Content advisories: nudity, sexually suggestive scenes, coarse language





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