Odio L'estate / I Hate Summer (2020)

  • ICFF
  • 1h 45m
  • Italy

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Want to plan a perfect holiday? Remember to bring your dinghy and your dog, of course! On the other hand, accidentally booking the same house with two total strangers is not recommended. In the film Odio l’estate, famous Italian comedians Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo leave for summer holidays as strangers, but soon cross paths despite their very different lives. An extremely organized and fussy man who is dealing with bankruptcy, a successful doctor struggling with a son going through a pre-adolescent crisis, and a hypochondriac with a dog named Brian and a passion for Massimo Raniero, meet coincidentally on a small island on the Italian coast sharing the same beach, the same sea and the same rented house. The clash between the three characters is inevitable and hilarious.


Massimo Venier


Italian, English