Papicha (2019)

  • History, Female Experience, Fashion
  • 1h 48m
  • Algeria

Based on her own experiences growing up in the ’90s during the Algerian Civil War, writer and director Mounia Meddour’s Papicha centres on 18-year-old Nedjma, a young woman who uses her passion for fashion to express her opinions and vulnerability. Nedjma and her friends study at a French school in Algeria and must deal with living in an oppressive conservative system that threatens their voice and will of expression. Meddour introduces her audience to struggles they might have never experienced before and explores themes like feminism through the film’s empowering characters. Papicha is a tragically beautiful story that inspires resistance and displays the power of friendship.

Content advisory: Not recommended for young children


Mounia Meddour

Canadian Distributor

A-Z Films


French, Arabic

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