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The Hand [Director’s Cut] (2004)

  • Drama, Romance
  • 56min
  • Hong Kong

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Bonus Content: Included in your film rental is over two hours of bonus content, including a video essay by TIFF Cinematheque Senior Programmer and world-renowned film expert James Quandt and never-before-seen archival interviews with frequent Wong Kar Wai cinematographer Christopher Doyle. Scroll down to watch.

In many ways as beautiful and moving as In the Mood for Love, Wong’s contribution to the omnibus film Eros (which also featured episodes from Steven Soderbergh and Michelangelo Antonioni) luxuriates in exquisite period design: a profusion of eye-catching lamps, wallpaper, flowers, mirrors, and an endless succession of chic dresses. Gong Li plays an imperious Hong Kong courtesan who masturbates her latest tailor (Chang Chen) so that he will remember her with each cheongsam he designs for her, an aide-mémoire that intensifies in power as her health fades. Shot by Chris Doyle, The Hand offers a swoony immersion in Wongian elements: slurred motion, radical framing, torrential music, perpetual rain, and, inevitably, romantic bereavement (the final close-up delivers a blow to the heart).


Wong Kar Wai



Bonus Content

86 mins

In Conversation With... Christopher Doyle

2011’s extended conversation with Wong Kar Wai’s legendary cinematographer, Christopher Doyle.

21 mins

Wong Kar Wai: A to Z with James Quandt

Renowned film expert and TIFF’s Senior Programmer James Quandt breaks down Wong Kar Wai from A to Z.