The Heiresses (2018)

  • Drama
  • 1h 38m
  • Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Paraguay, Uruguay

Price: $4.99 + taxes and fees

After her partner of 30 years is jailed, a woman rediscovers herself and her identity, in Paraguayan director Marcelo Martinessi’s debut feature.

The reserved Chela and extroverted Chiquita, both descended from wealthy families in Asunción, Paraguay, have been together for over 30 years. When their finances take a turn for the worse, the two women begin selling off their inherited possessions — but it’s not enough. Their debts lead to Chiquita being imprisoned on charges of fraud, and Chela is forced to face a new reality.

Driving for the first time in years, Chela begins to provide a local taxi service to a group of elderly wealthy ladies. As she settles into her new life, she forges a connection with the much younger Angy, which invigorates her after so many years of complacency with Chiquita. Chela finally begins to break out of her shell and engage with the world, embarking on her own personal, intimate revolution. Writer-director Marcelo Martinessi’s debut feature — which screened at Berlin in 2018 — explores what it means to come into your identity as an adult, and how it’s never too late to break out of your comfort zone.

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Guarani, Spanish