The Mover (Atlas) (2018)

  • Goethe
  • 1h 40m
  • Germany

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The Mover (Atlas) (Germany, 2018, 99 min), by David Nawrath, starring Rainer Bock, Thorsten Merten, Albrecht Schuch.

60-year-old Walter is a furniture remover for forced evictions. Walter ignores all the aches and pains his tough job brings, just as he ignores the pain of the people whose lives he invades. His boss is planning a risky real estate deal with a dodgy family clan. When an old apartment building is to be evacuated, one occupant refuses to move out. Walter thinks he recognizes his son in this young man, the son he ran out on years ago. Without disclosing his real identity, Walter cautiously gets closer to Jan and his young family. When he realizes how erratic the men his boss has gotten involved with are, Walter comes under pressure. “Realistically and thrillingly staged. Carried by excellent actors, The Mover is a political, almost documentary-like, explosive and extremely exciting feature.” - Galore

Bonus material: expert commentary by urbanism professor Ahmed Allahwala. Part of the series Loneliness In the City, which includes A Lonely City and Neubau


David Nawrath