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Two of Us

Drama, Romance 1h 35m 2019 France, Luxembourg, Belgium

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Bonus Content: Rental includes a 16-minute Q&A with director Filippo Meneghetti and star Barbara Sukowa from TIFF ’19. Scroll down to watch.

After hiding their passionate love for decades, two women suddenly find their bond put to the test, in Filippo Meneghetti’s lustrous debut feature.

“A romance this convincingly lived-in is rare indeed.” –Lisa Nesselson, Screen Daily

Pensioners Nina (Barbara Sukowa) and Madeleine (Martine Chevallier) have hidden their deep and passionate love for many decades. From the point of view of those surrounding them, including Madeleine’s meddling daughter (Léa Drucker), they are simply two neighbours sharing a hallway during their sunset years. In reality, this landing is a bridge between two worlds: one belonging to a widowed, doting grandmother, the other to a free-spirited, fiercely independent woman who longs to spend her life with the person she loves. Clandestinely, Nina and Madeleine share a tender life, moving freely between their apartments until, one day, an unexpected event closes the portal. In this new reality, their secret cannot remain hidden if they are to stay together — and their unconditional love is put to the test.

France-based Italian director Filippo Meneghetti, along with writer Malysone Bovorasmy (in collaboration with Florence Vignon and Marion Vernoux), uses the utmost care and benevolence in crafting his bold directorial debut. Sukowa, Chevallier, and Drucker are endlessly compelling in their performances of characters who are both sincere and flawed. Two of Us is a film of longing and revelatory beauty.

Content advisory: coarse language





Bonus Content



An interview with the cast and crew of TWO OF US from TIFF 2019.

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