Undine (2020)

  • Drama, Mystery + Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction + Fantasy
  • 1h 31m
  • France, Germany

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Bonus Content: Rental includes a 29-minute Q&A with writer-director Christian Petzold. Scroll down to watch.

“A diverting and handsomely crafted piece of fantasy.” –Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Writer-director Christian Petzold reunites with Transit co-stars Paula Beer and Franz Rogowski for this contemporary take on a European fairy tale.

Undine (Beer) is a city historian in Berlin, giving guided tours for the Senate Administration for Urban Development. But an old myth lurks behind the facade of her seemingly modern life: if the man Undine loves betrays her, she has to kill him and return to the water she once came from. So when her lover Johannes (Jacob Matschenz) leaves her for another woman, Undine thinks she has no choice — until, in the moment of betrayal, she meets a man named Christoph (Rogowski) and unexpectedly falls for him. Undine doesn’t want to lose this new love, but when Christoph starts to feel that Undine is running away from something, she has to face her curse once and for all.

Content advisory: sexually suggestive scenes

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English, German

Bonus Content

28 mins
Q&A: Christian Petzold on UNDINE

An interview with UNDINE director Christian Petzold.