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Window Horses

Drama, Animation 1h 28m 2016 Canada

Price: $4.99 + taxes and fees

Ann Marie Fleming’s warm animated feature follows a young Canadian poet (Sandra Oh) as she makes a life-changing trip to a poetry festival in Iran.

Share Her Journey Ambassador Ann Marie Fleming, one of Canada’s most beloved animators, came to TIFF in 2016 with this extraordinary tale of art, history, and family.

Rosie is a young Canadian poet of Chinese and Persian descent. She lives in Vancouver with her overprotective but loving Chinese grandparents and dreams of an artistic and glamorous life abroad. An invitation to a poetry festival in Shiraz, Iran rocks her boat, and though she has never travelled on her own, she decides to embark on the trip that will change her life. In Iran, she meets fellow artists from around the world and locals who open her eyes to the nature of art. They become guides to Rosie’s own personal narrative as they offer new perspectives on the story of a father she thought had abandoned her. Her time in Shiraz will be a transformative one, during which she learns to ground herself by connecting with her roots — both far and near.

Voiced by an all-star cast that includes Sandra Oh, Elliot Page, and Don McKellar, the characters display the intelligence and humour typical of Fleming’s work. The film seamlessly integrates different animation styles to express Rosie’s diverse experiences; the richness of this world is presented for the audience to marvel at with the same wide-eyed wonder.

Official Selection, 2016 Toronto International Film Festival

  TIFF Canada’s Top Ten 2016

Canadian Distributor

Mongrel Media


English, Farsi, Mandarin



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